Instagram is one of the leading social networks nowadays for advertising a business or becoming popular based on its visual dynamism and structure, where users can spend hours browsing and consuming information from their feed.

But... Is it easy to get many followers who pay attention to our posts?

While Instagram has useful tools such as hashtags, stories, and live videos, gaining followers is a job that requires time and dedication. Social media trends are moving fast, so we have to constantly adapt and update the way we communicate and use this platform to make it useful for our purpose. With such competition and the algorithms changing all the time, it is necessary to consider certain issues when wanting to increase the number of followers.

The most important thing is to have a strong profile that easily reflects the target, whether it is a company or a personal image. Once this is achieved, then it is important to share quality content, images that have been thought through and prepared. The time to publish should also be considered, there are investigations from which convenient time bands and days are determined with a greater number of active public.

Considering these main aspects, getting followers would normally be done by entering different profiles and clicking on the follow button one by one. Moreover, if you are looking for quality followers and not just to increase the number, you will also need to verify that they share the same interests or follow people in common. There is a chance of using a service that makes this job for us, but it could be quite expensive, and the result may not always be what you expect

For this reason, the Chrome extension IG Follower comes to simplify this task. The app features are really simple, and you can easily start using it. Once installed, the extension adds two buttons to Instagram pages: "Follow All" and "Unfollowing all". It can be used on any profile where these buttons appear.

Mass follow on Instagram

Bulk follow instagram account with one click

This action allows you to increase the number of followers quickly and within them you will always get people who are really interested in the products or activity you want to advertise, so it is currently a remarkably useful and accessible tool for everyone.

You have the option to try it for free for 10 days and discover all the advantages and benefits of this great app!


IG Follower


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