Facebook Follower

Bulk follow on Facebook

Mass follow (or bulk follow) extension for Chrome. It will help you to add friends and friends at Facebook with no effort. Don’t waste your time any more… it’s FREE!

How to add friends on facebook automatically

Its behaviour is very similar to the sister tool Twitter Follower. You just need to install it on Google’s browser, then visit any Facebook page with “Add friend” buttons and enjoy the “Add them all” option that will appear on the upper right corner (see screenshot below). It will start clicking on your future friends links, scrolling them one by one and waiting a few milliseconds to avoid being banned.

Bulk add Facebook friends
Following multiple accounts on Facebook is easier than ever

In a couple of minutes you can get a few hundred new friends with only one click. Install Facebook Follower now!

Twitter Follower

Twitter follower is Chrome extension that helps you to mass follow and unfollow on Twitter.

It’s very easy to use: just install it, visit twitter.com and start following multiple accounts with only one click. If you change your mind, you can always “stop” the action or even “unfollow” all the previously followed users.

This tool, that lets you choose the time you want it to wait between clicks, also “scrolls” to the next account/user to simulate “human” behaviour and gives browser some time to load more suggestions or members you’ll be able to follow. Of course, it’s your responsibility to observe twitter limits to avoid being banned.