You want to increase your number of followers and already read about all those time-consuming and boring ways of getting it: publish "interesting" content, become an expert, follow the most popular influencers, join the conversation,... blah blah blah.

But you want thousands of followers and you need them NOW! And don't have the money to buy the fake ones who will run away or be banned by twitter in a couple of weeks.

If you prefer to get real followers, related to your niche, ping them with the help of Twitter Follower. Ping? Yes, let them know you're there and hopefully they will follow you (unless you mess it up with your bio or latest tweets!).

Increase your twitter followers in 4 simple steps

  1. Install this Chrome plugin.
  2. Select the users you want to follow: searching your favorite keyword, opening the followers page of your competitors, etc. Just get they appear on screen.
  3. Click once the "Follow them all!" button...
  4. ...and just wait they follow you back! (around 25% will do).

If you don't like following so many users, you may unfollow them after a few days (option also available at Twitter Follower) or bulk like some tweets (yes, you can also do it with the extension!).


Twitter Follower Pro


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